Capture and use the heat from the air

If your home is off the mains gas network and you’re considering installing underfloor heating, then you could save money on your energy bills by investing in an Air Source Heat Pump.

An Air Source Heat Pump is an external unit that converts air from outside the house into heat. It acts almost like a refrigerator in reverse. The heat from the air is extracted, pumped and circulated into your house providing an efficient alternative to more traditional heating systems.

The units are typically situated on the gable end of a property or next to a garage. Air Source Heat Pumps can be used with under floor heating and radiators, providing renewable heat all year round.

Channel heat from the air outside into your home
Save energy and reduce your carbon footprint
Generate a second income from the Government’s RHI scheme
Add value to your home
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        Air Source Heat Pump


Why Energy Grant Solutions?

We are energy saving experts and work with broad range of renewable energy installers. We can help you connect to one of our local industry approved contractors that specialises in Air Source Heat Pump installations.

  • Independent energy saving advice
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We’re an organisation with a social purpose! Everything we do centres on reducing the UKs carbon footprint and helping vulnerable people out of fuel poverty.

Being part of a Community Interest Company enables us to invest the money we generate into community projects that save energy and improve living standards for hundreds of residents.

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